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Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Jeremiah, and I'm a relentless creator of all things digital. Whether it be making websites, mobile apps, games, digital prototypes, or web serials, I like to keep busy and inspired.

I'm currently working at RXP Group as a Senior Full-stack Web Developer, and Myriad Games Studio as the Lead Programmer.

Please take a look through my latest projects below, or the source code for this site, and let me know if you would like to have a chat!

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Client / Project(s)

Myriad Games Studio

Where the Snow Settles


Lead Programmer

Script Writer





Yarn / Yarn Spinner


All in-engine images/video are a work in progress.

A Heartfelt Tale

Where the Snow Settles is a game about loss, growth, and the supernatural. As the world around her crumbles, Aurelia searches for her sister, unraveling mysteries and wonder along the way. This debut from Myriad Games Studio is a moving narrative title arriving on PC and Xbox in 2020.

Interactables and dialogue system. UI icons are pooled resources, as are the dynamic dialogue popups.

My Work

I am responsible for the overall architecture of the game, as well as; camera scripting, managing test and demo builds (such as the PAX Melbourne build!), writing technical documentation, and mentoring junior developers on the team.

I have also created the following:

  • high-level scene manager, to allow for smooth transitions and multi-scene configuration,
  • flexible dialogue and interactable system utilising Yarn Spinner,
  • player states using facades and dependency injection (Zenject), and driven by ScriptableObjects,
  • various Unity editor tools, and
  • all of the game dialogue!

An Example Tool: Snow Mesh Generator

In collaboration with our Technical Artist (Andrew Mendlik), this tool was created to allow level editors to quickly add or edit snow-drifts throughout a scene. Here's a high-level overview of how the tool is used:

  • Flat (snow) mesh is set to match terrain height on all vertices.
  • Level Editor manually paints any modifications to snow mesh, raising piles of snow.

Generating Colliders

  • Each snow vertex is compared to a terrain position. If above a threshold, it's added to a prospective new mesh list.
  • All neighbouring terrain vertices are checked and added to list if above threshold.
  • Once no more neighbouring vertices are eligible, the mesh is created and the search for any other valid snow continues, in a recursive fashion.

Benefits of This Approach

  • Physics recalculations are avoided. Mesh is not deformed when snow is sinking into the ground.
  • Meshes can be optimised using a mesh simplify tool, removing inner verts/tris.
  • Fast and easy for editors to repaint snow and generate new trigger volumes.

The Final Prototype

Here's the result, in combination with Andrew's shader and render texture setup.

Now we can see where the (prototype) snow settles.

Client / Project(s)

Aurora Energy

Aurora+ projects:

Solar, API Broker, SMB product


Technical Lead



C# / .Net MVC

Web API 2

Azure AD


Semantic UI


Designs by Nick Rudenno.

SMB Product (currently in development)

Previously, only residential customers have been able to use the Aurora+ App. This project introduces a new product, aimed at small and medium business customers. This will allow eligible customers to view their properties' electricity usage (from yearly, down to an hourly break-down), pay their bills, and switch between all of their residential and business accounts and premises.

As part of this project, a number of new tools and services will also be added, such as post-pay billing, bill prediction, business-specific tariffs, and a business-themed style.

Desktop (above) and mobile (below) versions. The Usage graph is dynamic, showing dollar, kilowatt or export (solar) views, in different time periods, such as yearly, or hourly. Popups also give more info on every facet of the displayed data.

API Broker

Aurora recently introduced a new backend system for eventually storing all of their 270,000+ customers, along with all of their billing and electricity usage history.

The 'Broker' is an API layer that we introduced to enable queries to both old and new system with the one Azure AD identity, mapping data from both to a common, standardised format.

This work required no changes to the frontend, and allowed customers to transition to the new database solution with no interruption of service.

© Copyright 2020, Jeremiah Walter

Aurora project images - © Copyright 2020, Aurora Energy Pty Ltd.